How to Add a Spray Plan

Add a New Spray Plan

Quick Steps:

  1. Plans, Bottom of screen
  2. Add New Spray Plan
  3. Select Paddock, then complete the sections on the LHS of the screen.
  4. Enter Carrier rate and any Plan Notes
  5. Add Products (Chemicals and rates)
  6. Done

Detailed Steps:

This explanation takes you through the steps to set up a spray plan for a paddock. The plan is for the spray operator to follow when loading the boom spray and then spraying the selected paddock.

Step 1:  Open the iPaddockSpray App and select 'Plans' from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: At the top of the screen click on the 'Add New Spray Plan' button.

Step 3:  Click on '(Select Paddock)' button top left hand corner. If you have not already set up your paddocks then you will need to do this before proceeding, read 'How to Set Up a Paddock'.

Step 4:  Scroll through the Select Paddock list and tap on the paddock you require. The paddock will automatically load with the crop type and hectares into the Plan

Step 5:  Tap on grey cell under Created By and type in who is creating this Plan

Step 6:  You can allocate a priority to this paddock to determine which paddocks are sprayed in what order. This is optional.  Place your finger on the white button and slide it to the right. The priority range is from none, then five through to one. The paddock with a one (1) priority will indicate it is to be sprayed first.

Step 7: Click on the '(Select Nozzle)' button.  A list of Nozzles will appear (If it is blank then click on the 'Add Nozzel' and enter the nozzle names you require e.g. TT015 then press 'Save') tap on a nozzle and it will automatically load into the plan.  Selecting the nozzle type provides instructions to the spray operator as to what nozzle is to used.

Step 8:  Under Droplet Size select the size droplet to be sprayed by tapping your finger on the desired size: VC = Very Coarse, C = Coarse, M = Medium, F = Fine, VF = Very Fine.

Step 9:  Click on the grey cell under 'Carrier Rate' and enter the rate you wish to apply the carrier (water) in litre per hectare (L/Ha) across the selected paddock.

Step 10: The 'Hectares to Spray' cell will automatically fill when you select the paddock. However, if you intend to spray an area less than the full paddock then click on the cell and enter the hectares you expect to spray.

 Step 11: Click on the grey cell under 'Plan Notes' and a note field will open. Enter any comments regarding the plan or paddock and press 'Save'

Step 12: Click on the 'Add Product' button, use your finger and scroll through the Select Product list. Tap on the chemical you require and a Configure Product screen will appear for that chemical (if you need to add a chemical read Enter Additional Chemicals). Click on the grey cell and enter the target rate you wish to apply this chemical at, e.g. 1500 mL/Ha for Glyphosate 450. Click on 'Done'. This product will appear on the Plan.  Repeat this process until you have your required chemicals and additives that you want to load the boom spray with and spray on the selected paddock. Note, you can only load up to seven chemicals. The select product list is pre loaded with a range of chemicals. You can add new products anytime by clicking on 'New Product' while in the Select Product list.

Step 13: Click 'Done' in the top right hand corner. You Plan is now completed and allocated against your selected paddock.

 A 'Schedule Plans' screen will appear listing all the active plans. The latest plan will always appear at the bottom of the list.  You  can also view your plan by clicking on 'Paddocks' at the bottom of the screen, then selecting the 'Paddock', viewing the 'Plans' screen.  The Plan is complete and Scheduled ready for activation.

Once a Plan is activated in the App it then becomes a Task. Read 'How to Activate a Plan'

Note: To Delete a Plan swipe your finger to the left, then click on 'Delete'

View of Plan Screen in full below.



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