Set Up Paddock Details

How to set up a paddock in iPaddockSpray

Before you set up your paddocks identify if you require the App to sync to the iCloud (most uses tend to utilize syncing). If so, it is necessary to connect to iCloud prior to entering any paddocks. Why, because if you set up paddocks now and latter activate syncing to the iCloud you will have to enter the paddocks again. To set up iCloud on your iPad read iCloud Setup .

To set up a paddock follow these steps:

Quick Steps

  1. Paddocks
  2. Add New Paddock
  3. Type in: paddock name, Ha, crop type, notes
  4. Save

Detailed Steps

Step 1: Click on the 'Paddocks' icon at the bottom of the screen

 Step 2: Click on the 'Add New Paddock' button top left of screen 

Step 3: Enter the Paddock details: paddock name, crop type, hectares, and any notes. [Tip, if you have more than one farm you can differentiate them by using a prefix to identify a farm and its paddocks e.g. A House, or B House. Where A refers to farm A's House paddock and B refers to farm B's House paddock].

Step 4: Press 'Save'.

To view the paddock details use your finger and flick down the Applications and Plans pages from the middle.

To edit the paddock details press once on the information to be changed. Once edited then press on the paddock name icon on the left hand side. 

Step 5: Once you have established your Paddocks, your next step is to set up a Spray Plan, read Add a Spray Plan



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