How to Enter Additional Chemicals

Add Chemicals to the Select Product list

This explanation shows you how to add new or additional chemicals to the Select Product list.

Quick Steps

  1. 'Add Product' Button 
  2. New Product
  3. Complete the Edit Product screen
  4. Back

Detailed Steps

Step 1: Click on the 'Add Product' button and the Select Product list will appear

Step 2: Click on New Product and the Edit Product screen will appear

Step 3: Add the additional Chemical details.  Ensure that you complete the Shorthand cell, as this is the name that appears in the list. If you fail to do so then the chemical will be listed with a blank (no) name in the Select Product list.

Step 4: Click the green button next to Purchasing Measure and define the unit type, either L (litres) or kg (kilograms). Click 'Done'

Step 5: Click on the green button next to Application Rate then define the application measure rate either mL/Ha or %. Click 'Done' 

Step 6: Determine if you require this product to be included with, In Inventory and/or Favorite or not.  Tap the White buttons to activate these categories. The product will always appear in the Select Product list regardless of activating these categories. 

Step 7: Click on the 'Back' button, Note there is no Save or Done button for this screen. The information you entered will though be saved into the Select Product list in alphabetical order according to the shorthand name. 

If you wish to delete a chemical from the Select Product list swipe your finger to the left. Then Tap on Delete.




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