How to Activate a Plan

How to Activate a Plan

This explanation outlines the steps to activate a paddock spray Plan.

Quick Steps

  1. Tasks
  2. Click on a Paddock listed below the Scheduled Plans heading

Detailed Steps

Step 1: At the bottom of the App screen click on 'Tasks'.

Step 2: In the panel on the left hand side look under 'Scheduled Plans'. A plan that you have recently created will be there. The Plans are listed by their Paddock Name. Click on the button that represents the Paddock you wish to spray. The Plan is then activated and displayed in a Task screen.

The next step is to use the Task screen to fill the boom spray tank. The Task screen sets out all the chemicals to be loaded, it automatically calculates the amount of each chemical to be added, once a designated amount of Carrier (water) has been entered in the App. Read Using the Task Screen to Fill the Boom Spray from a Spray Plan

The Task screen is pictured below:


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