Truthing iPaddockYield Against Previous Seasons

How to test iPaddockYield against previous seasons
The best way to get to know how iPaddockYield adapts to changing seasons is to test it's forecasting in past known years. By doing this you will build your confidence using iPaddockYield forecasts to make better key decisions about crop inputs in future seasons.
The truthing process involves entering a previous year's rainfall as if it is this year, and watching the yield forecast month by month. We recommend making a note or taking a screenshot of the Yield Forecast at the most critical times for key decisions during the year, and then comparing them against what actually happened.
Steps to undertake the test
The quick way to truth iPaddockYield is to delete the rainfall records for this year, and enter the records from a previous season as if it was this year.  If you want to avoid having to re-enter this year's rainfall records after this exercise, please follow these steps:
  1. Sync your device to make sure your records are saved
  2. Put your device in aeroplane mode to prevent automatic syncing
  3. Delete each months rainfall for this year (change to "Edit monthly" mode and enter 0mm)
  4. Enter the rainfall that fell by month in any previous year. Watch and record the forecast each month
  5. Once you have finished truthing, delete the app completely from the device (hold finger on app until it wobbles, then tap the cross) without syncing (your original data is stored in the cloud SO LONG AS YOU SYNC FIRST, as in step 1).
  6. Turn off aeroplane mode and reinstall iPaddockYield from the App Store (there is no charge if you use the same AppleID as when you bought the app)
  7. Login to your account using the original username and password. The app will sync up again complete with the original data for this year.

Enjoy testing. iPaddockYield is your data, your farm and your decisions.


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