Sync Rainfall and Yield Data

The Sync Button

Quick Step:

  1. Syncing occurs automatically (button rotates) ,or
  2. Tap the sync button
  3. Data syncs between your devices.

Detailed Steps:

When the Sync button rotates your rainfall and yield data is backing up to the Cloud.

Syncing occurs automatically or when you Tap the Sync Button, but it is reliant on a good internet connection. Data will store on your device until it either obtains a signal or is connected to Wi Fi or Bluetooth if you are not using a phone/data card.

If you are running several devices (iPhones, iPads) across your property you can sync the data between them, provided they all have the same login and password.  Each device will be kept upto date once synced. This is handy if there are several staff on a property as all can be abreast of the information and anyone of them can record the rain. 



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