Build a Chemical Brew

Brew Builder

Quick Steps

  1. Task icon
  2. Brew Builder
  3. Create Brew Template
  4. Enter Name of Brew
  5. Enter Rate (L/Ha)
  6. Enter any Notes
  7. Click Add Product button (select chemical products and rates) 
  8. Click Done

Detailed Steps

Step 1: Click the 'Task' icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click 'Brew Builder' bottom left hand corner.

Step 3: Click 'Create Brew Template'.  A new Brew button will automatically appear below the Create Brew Template button. It will have a default name of Brew with date. e.g. Brew 3/02/2015.... Alternatively the following message will may appear; 'This version of iPaddockSpray only supports a maximum of three saved brews'. This means you will have to Delete an exiting Brew before you can construct a new one. Information on how to delete a brew template is at the bottom of this page. 

Step 4: On the Brew Details screen in the grey cell next to Name enter the name you want to refer to this brew as.

Step 5: Enter in the grey cell the Rate (L/Ha) required

Step 6: Enter any notes

Step 7: Click on the 'Add Product' button, use your finger and scroll through the Select Product list. Tap on the chemical you require and a Configure Product screen will appear for that chemical (if you need to add a chemical read Enter Additional Chemicals). Click on the grey cell and enter the target rate you wish to apply this chemical at, e.g. 1500 mL/Ha for Glyphosate 450. Click on 'Done'. This product will appear on the Brew Template.  Repeat this process until you have your required chemicals and additives needed for this brew. Note, you can only load up to seven chemicals. The select product list is pre-loaded with a range of chemicals. 

Step 8: Click 'Done' Top right hand corner. You have now established a Brew Template.  

Step 9: Access to the brews occur via the 'Load Brew' button.  The Load Brew button is found any time you open a Plan screen or a Task screen.

Step 10: Once you are familiar with Brew Templates you can short cut this process by using the 'Save Brew' button.  This will instantly create a template of the chemicals listed in a Plan or Task you have just started. However the three template restriction will still apply.  

Step 11: To Delete a Brew Template. Once in Brew Builder identify the Brew Template you want to delete, then tap on 'Trash Can' on the Template button (or swipe the button to the left and the Delete button will appear) Click on Yes



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