Using the Task Screen to Fill the Boom Spray from a Spray Plan

Filling the Boom Spray using the Task Screen from a Predetermined Spray Plan

Quick Steps

  1. Enter Litres this Fill
  2. Use the individual chemical amounts to fill your boom spray tank
  3. Enter the actual chemical amounts added to the tank
  4. Click Done        

Detailed Steps

This explanation explains how the Task screen is used to fill the Boom Spray Tank.

When the Task screen has been generated from a predetermined paddock spray Plan the majority of the information is pre-loaded into the Task screen.  Follow the steps to enter the remaining information: [To find the Task screen click Task icon at bottom of the app screen then click on either a Scheduled Plan or an Task listed in the Review Actual Task screen].

Step 1, Enter 'Litres This Fill' amount in to the grey cell.  This will be the desired volume of carrier (water) you intend to load into the tank, e.g. 3,000 litres. This may be a full tank or part thereof. Tap on the cell to enter the figures and press 'Done' on the keyboard.

Once the 'Litres This Fill' figure is entered, the chemical information in the At Start column automatically computes.   These specific individual chemical amounts advise the spray operator how much of each chemical is to be added while loading the boom spray tank.

Step 2, In the grey cells on each chemical line enter the exact amount of each chemical added to the spray tank. This is important as it is a record of the actual chemical added, which may be slightly over or under the desired amount. (In addition once the Inventory module is completed then these actual amounts represent what is taken from your chemical store).

 Step 3, Click on 'Done' The boom spray is now loaded and ready to travel from your depot and set up in the selected paddock.  On pressing Done the Task screen reverts to the Review Actual Task Screen. At the top of the list the Task (listed by paddock) you are about to commence will be listed. It will have a Date Completed status of Not Started.

The next step in the process is to commence spraying, as you do this, in the 'Review Actual Task' screen Tap on the Paddock you are about to spray. This will reopen the Task screen for that paddock.

The Task screen will need to be completed at varying stages of the spray operation, read Spraying Using the Task Screen    


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