Customize Your Growing Season Start/Finish Dates

Growing Season

Quick Steps

  1. Tap myGrain icon at bottom of screen
  2. Scroll down to Growing Season
  3. Enter the start and finish dates for your growing season.

Detailed Steps

iPaddockYield now allows you to adjust the start and finish dates for your growing season, in order to best tailor the model to your environment. The default growing season is set from 1 April to 31 October

The Growing Season Start date is best set at around a fortnight prior to the commencement of cereal sowing. The Growing Season Finish date should be adjusted to when your cereal crops have reached physiological maturity. As a guide this is usually around the time canola swathing starts in your area, or 2-3 weeks before your cereals are ready to harvest. Tap the date to adjust it. 

The Growing Season date feature also now accommodates summer cropping scenarios. The iPaddock Team are keen to work with those using iPaddockYield in summer crops. Contact us on 



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