Reports Module

The Reports module for iPaddockSpray is currently under development.

The module will allow the export of data from the App to your computer. A CSV file will be created in the app which can be emailed to a computer upon which it can be opened and saved in Microsoft Excel.

Initially there will be two types of reports:

  • Full report, will extract all information relating to each boom spray load by paddock(s).
  • Summary report, will extract the key information only (chemicals, rates, volumes, date, etc) for each boom spray load.   

The Report functionality will allow reports to be selected by paddock(s) and time frames (between dates you specify). 

The Reports module will be in the next app release and available as an In-App-Purchase within the App.

As the spray information will be in Excel you will be able to print a hard copy of the data if required.





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