Completing the Log Book

Completing the Log Book


This explanation covers how to complete the Log Book.


The Log Book captures essential climatic conditions to be recorded along with other specific spray information.  The Log Book is only accessible from the Task screen and resides near the bottom of that screen. If your screen is reading Review Actual Tasks then you will need to click on the Paddock you are currently spraying and the Task screen will appear. Once you have located the Log Book use your finger and swipe upwards and the Log Book will appear. 

The Log Book is fairy self explanatory but here are a few tips:

White Dots, are sliders and you will need to slide them to the right. The circle on the end of the slider will indicate the unit measure. e.g. Wind (km/h) has a range from 0 to 50.

Cells with green text, tap on the appropriate response. e.g Wind Direction

Grey cells are for text entry. Tap on grey cell then type required wording.


When you have completed the Log Book, use your finger and swipe downward. The book returns to the bottom of the screen, exposing the Task screen for further completion.


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