Continue Spraying from one Paddock to Another

Continue from One Paddock to Another

Quick Steps

  1. Task screen of paddock just sprayed
  2. Ensure Log Book and all Task screen information is complete
  3. Click Continue/Top up this load
  4. Select option Yes (fill up Tank) or No (continue to next paddock)
  5. (Select paddock)
  6. (Set Start)

Detailed Steps

This explanation steps through how you use the App when you finish spraying a paddock and moved to another one.

Go to the 'Task' screen associated with the paddock that is currently being sprayed.  This can be found by pressing the 'Task' icon at the bottom of the screen. There will be a list of applications applied to paddocks.  Find the paddock that is currently being sprayed and 'tap' on it.  This will bring up the 'Task' screen.

At the bottom left corner of the screen there is a button 'Continue/Topup This Load'. If it is light green the button is inactive. The button will only become active once 'Log Book' (wind speed, wind direction, delta, etc) and 'Task' screen details (Start time, End Time, L Used This Task, Ha This Task) for the current paddock have been completed. The button will be dark green when active.  This signifies that spraying in the initial paddock has been completed for now.

Click on the 'Continue/Topup This Load' button.  The following question will appear "Will you be adding additional carrier to the tank?"  A 'No' response means moving straight from your existing paddock into another paddock. A new 'Task' screen will appear with the amount of litres left in the spray tank plus details of the chemical brew being used. Go to the top left corner and tap the '(select paddock)' button. Enter the new paddock to be sprayed. Then start time '(Set Start)' once spraying commences. 

A 'Yes' response means that on exiting the paddock the sprayer carrier volume will be topped up. This may require the spray unit to return to the chemical shed. The 'Task' screen will appear with the volume of litres in the tank on exiting the paddock with the chemical brew listed.  In the 'Litres this Fill' field enter the total volume of litre required in the spray tank.  That is, overwrite the current litres in this field to what is required. (e.g. if there was 2,000 litres left from the previous paddock and 5,000 litres of carrier is required then enter 5,000 litres).   Under the heading 'At Start' will be the litres originally left in the tank. Under the heading 'Add to Load' will be the additional carrier volume to add.  Further down under another 'At Start' column heading the App automatically calculates the additional amounts of chemical needed that corresponds to the extra volume of carrier only. 


Do not forget to record the actual amount of each chemical added in the grey cells under the heading Added to Load.

Once the spray tanks has been topped up then select the paddock to be sprayed, Tap the '(Select Paddock)' button, then set the start time '(Set Start)' when spraying commences.

Complete the Log Book and Remainder of the 'Task' screen when required. 



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